The Sad Truth About Equal Opportunity

I’m sorry, dear reader, to have to be the one to break the news to you, but if you aren’t the scion of the mega rich, born with friends in high places, you will never have the opportunities that these dipshits do:


Their failure is better than your success.

Their failure is better than your success.


6 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Equal Opportunity

  1. Roger I’m not sure who these people are but the blond bimbo looks like one of the Hollywood crowd.

    That gang makes money no doubt but are totally irrelevant in my world! They lack the discipline to manage their lives and have the morals of a mongrel dog. Aside from being immature, selfish, alcoholics/drug addicts, thieves and liars, and arrogant little insignificant shits…they are actually okay people!

      • From what I have seen, these managers haven’t done very well with a lot of these dimwits! They are a very dysfunctional part of society and live in a fantasy world.

        Speaking of which, the American Dream of opportunity has been dead for some time. There are exceptions and still many people that do very well for themselves in the business world. But for the most part the past several regimes in Washington DC have succeeded in killing those opportunities with their oppressive regulations. An act which I feel is deliberate.

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