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  1. We have become like England and I do not see this as a good thing at all. When my people immigrated legally to America they allowed the children to speak only english. The native language, Gaelic (Ireland) was forbidden. All males served in the military, every generation. The emphasis was placed on assimilating into their new home entirely. We have never forgotten we are Irish, but we are Americans first!

    Not so with the “peaceful religion”, America will regret this one day.

    • Interesting historical note:
      Highland Gaelic was spoken in the Carolinas and Georgia in the 18th century.

      Though the Highlanders spoke Gaelic, they did begin to use English more and more in order to conduct business with the majority English population and the Lowlanders and Scotch-Irish. But, in the Highland households that had slaves, the enslaved Africans even spoke Gaelic. The following excerpt tells the story of a Highland lady in Colonial North Carolina:

      As she disembarked at the wharf, she was delighted to hear two men conversing in Gaelic. Assuming by their speech that they must inevitably be fellow Highlanders, she came nearer, only to discover that their skin was black. (Myer, 1957, p. 119)

      • That is indeed fascinating! When I was about 4 yrs old I heard my paternal Grandmother utter a phrase in Gaelic. It scared the crap out of me because I thought something was wrong with her! I never heard the language spoken again by any of my family. My Dad was not taught the language, that is sad I believe, but they felt English was the only language to be used in their new country.

        Now with so much of the likes of that demonstrated in the above videos, there is no telling what Americans may be speaking in the future…if we last that long!

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