A Map Showing Federal Land

A commenter at LS Rebellion posted a link to this map. The West is more fed than private or state owned with Nevada being almost entirely owned by the fed.



6 thoughts on “A Map Showing Federal Land

  1. It is my belief that Constitutionally the regime owns nothing but the clothes on their backs…”We the People” of Nevada own that land.

    Looking at this map one of many thoughts come to mind. The first is, this is a lot of remote property containing a tremendous wealth of minerals, metals etc.

  2. I am in agreement with Danny. That land belongs to the people. If not of the States involved, to the remaking States that were already a part of the Union. It’s unsettling to understand that politicians, attorneys, bankers, and railroads were already running a crooked show at the time.

    • You’ll remember that Jefferson and some others were already warning about the power of bankers in their day.

      The sad truth is that the US as conceived at it’s founding didn’t last more than about ten years. Lincoln just beheaded a dead corpse.

      • Yes, those men (our Founders) were thinkers in their day, they knew human nature and applied that knowledge to daily events. There were no crystal balls among them!

        Bankers and a “standing army” were two of their biggest fears, and with good reason as we see today! Ii is not my intent to cast our Heroic Warriors in a bad light, the regime is merely using our military like pawns.

        This is beyond the pale, a few people in positions of authority are after these lands for the opportunities of great wealth presented by the oil, natural gas, timber, etc. And they are perfectly content to use the system to lie to, cheat, and even murder American citizens to achieve these gains.

        I never imagined in my wildest dreams I would see such a day in our country.

      • The country as conceived by our founders lasted exactly 13 years–until the convention that gave us the Constitution, which was somewhat illegal, as the men in Philadelphia were only sent there to revise the Articles of Confederation. Instead they gave us a whole new animal. The Christian patriot, Patrick Henry, refused to take part in all of it, saying “I smell a rat.”

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