Interesting Comment

I ended up here in a roundabut way:

First Things

Gil Costello [the subject is needle exchanges and safe sex]

“…There is much gained interiorly with dancing at death’s door that goes much deeper than even nihilistic excitement. At the heart of a rebellious life, which includes a gay lifestyle and a heroin addict lifestyle, is the commitment to death, not life, for a commitment to life is a commitment to a participation in the life of God. In other words, a commitment to the glorification of Self is always a rebellion against life itself which cannot be separated from the common good, and why an ideology of a “what’s good for me and damn the common good” is a negation of life itself, and why gay advocates work so hard at normalizing the gay lifestyle, to create the illusion that somehow the gay lifestyle is the common good, which involves going after the young and indoctrinating them into this delusion. This is why safe sex ideology will always be doomed, for sex itself as life lived is one aspect of the unification of man and woman and a direct participation in the 8th day of Creation. You’re in or you are out, life or death. And the committed heroin addict, who might try to tell you his addiction is genetic, in fact has found a way to make total love with himself, the height of a rebellion against God. Whereas the gay man simply makes love to himself with a reflection of himself, another man.”


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