Singin Means Different Things To Different People

After this post, my ADD got the better of me and I went looking for interesting vocal music. Below are some videos I found beginning with the most unusual.

From the Inuit


From Mongolia, overtone singing with accompaniment


From Georgia-the Country, not the state, though it has a state and used to be part of a monolithic one!


Istanbul is Constantinople again



From Germany. This’ll lighten the mood!


From Scotland-Interesting note, gaelic was spoken in parts of the Carolinas and Georgia in the 17th and 18th centuries.

One more from Scotland. This one is Puirt a Beul with a distinctly American setting except for the uilleann pipe solo.





4 thoughts on “Singin Means Different Things To Different People

  1. The Mongolian guy I found the most fascinating however I did enjoy the Gaelic song as well. My father was Irish although he did not speak the language but my Granny Smith did. The first time I remember hearing her speak in Gaelic I was preschool age and it scared the crap out of me!

    Music from around the world is an amazing thing!

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