From Angry Dental Drill To A Fart

I don’t know if anybody who reads the crap I write will care about this, but I’m gonna post it anyway.

I missed the Australian GP and so I wasn’t aware of the kerfluffle kicked up by the new engines. I turned up the volume for the start…and then turned it some more. I flipped channels to make sure my tv was working. I flipped back and they wre showing and in car and there ir was, “mrrrrrr”, or there it wasn’t, really loses a lot of the drama. The good news is Bernie Ecclestone wasn’t happy either.

The new engines suck!

The new engines suck!


Even worse, the cars were about 2 seconds slower per lap at Australia!

Apparently, F1’s new regs require a 1.6L turbo V6 limited to 15,000 RPM with some kind of fuel flow restricter. The point is to be more “environmentally friendly”. Stupid Euros.

Here’s a video of a comparison of 2013 vs this year.


5 thoughts on “From Angry Dental Drill To A Fart

  1. Wow, a noticeable difference, why do they even bother?
    “Environmentally friendly”
    Stupid Euros indeed!

    It’s sort like Americans building automobiles for public use that go over 200 mph…why?!

    • ‘rat, losing the EPA sounds great to me and would probably solve a LOT of our problems.

      At least maybe those cars in Australia could speed things back up to normal again!

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