New Additions To The Enemies List

I may just be in a bad mood, but skimming these sites is actually making me angry.


With your support, we will continue to add programs that:

  1. Help recent immigrants better integrate into their new communities.
  2. Help longtime North Carolinians understand the challenges faced by more recent immigrants, and the dreams they hope to achieve for themselves and their families.
  3. Provide opportunities for all North Carolinians – old and new – to share their culture, so that we can experience and appreciate both the ways that we are different and the many ways in which we are all the same.

Welcome the Immigrant

This is, of course, the site for the NC Religious Coalition For Justice for Immigrants, affiliated with the NC Council of Churches, and has conveniently written some propaganda for churches to use during services.


Though, I did just see The Battle Flag waving in the stands at the Chelsea-Crystal Palace game in London!



4 thoughts on “New Additions To The Enemies List

  1. They were raised differently. Their heads were filled with ideas from liberal college teachers, and they dream of utopia. They want taxes raised to pay for it, but they do not work, never have and never will.
    Same thing happened in Sweden and Denmark, and elsewhere. Diversity and multi-cultural to a progressive fault. Now they have Sharia. Women raped, beaten, murdered, as daily business, and as religious belief so nobody can do anything. Sharia Patrols in Detroit and Deerborne, Michigan.

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