SPLC Subpoenaed

Via Daily Kenn

CNS News

A local official in Virginia has subpoenaed the Montgomery, Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the SPLC Task Force on Hate in the Public Sphere for the criteria it uses to designate other organizations as “hate groups.”The subpoenas were filed February 28th in Loudoun County Circuit Court. They request “all written criteria, guidelines, bylaws or rules used by Southern Poverty Law Center to designate organizations or groups as ‘hate groups’ from the inception of the Southern Poverty Law Center to the present date.”

7 thoughts on “SPLC Subpoenaed

  1. Roger it might be my PC but I could not access the “read the rest” link at the end of the article.

    There is no doubt in the minds of many of us that the SPLC throws a wide loop when it comes to listing people/organizations as a hate group. I also would be interested in seeing the criteria used in making their accusations. It will be interesting to see how the court will move on this.

    Surely this “local official in Virginia” is now on the Hate Watch list if he/she wasn’t on it before filing!

      • It’s working now, thanks. I have read much of this info on Dees and the SPLC. They look to be a vile, lying, gang of thugs that have scammed a huge amount of money from a lot of people and organizations over the years.

        Here’s a rhetorical question for ya…I wonder why the SPLC is still in operation? A number of preachers have been defrocked and some even jailed over the years for doing pretty much the same thing. To my knowledge there has never been an investigation into their methods. Scamming people used to be illegal! But then it’s hard to enforce such laws when people continue to fall for the likes of Dees and Potok’s load of crap and willingly hand their money over to the SPLC.

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