OTMs In Syria

OTMs in Syria via Borderland Beat. I am not surprised, I have predicted that the cartels will “islamicise*” in the near future. We got ’em in NC, too.

Borderland Beat

Two members of the Los Angles Sureños,(southerners as in southern California) the Mexican Mafia affiliated gang, Sureños, also have ties with Mexican cartels and MS-13,  have transplanted themselves to the to the trenches of Syria , fighting  alongside supporting forces of President Bashar Assad.

Sureños originated as a prison gang supporting the Mexican Mafia in its conflict with Nuestra Familia, an organized criminal group in Northern California.

The  gangs conduct the same types of criminal activity as Mexican cartels; drug trafficking, extortion, murder and racketeering.

In this video dated March 1, 2014, the men introduce themselves as “wino” and “Creeper.

 The video begins:

“Wino”: We still right here, homie. It’s fucking morning. Fucking…

“Creeper”: We got the enemigos right there, homie.

Let me represent myself, homie. It’s Creeper from the g’d up 13 gang, homie. Sun Valley gang, homie.

“Wino”: Fucking Wino, from Westside Armenian Power gang, homie.
“Creeper”: Still Puro Sureños putting it down, homie. In Middle East, homie, in Syria, still gangbanging, not giving a fuck, homie.

Look, homie. Check this out. [shows his tattoos] The “Puro Sur-13”, homie. Still gangbanging this shit, homie. I got the GW, homie.

====That’s all I can stand of that – Roger u====



In Syria, homie!

In Syria, homie!

Though a version of the video appeared to have been posted online in recent days, the footage first came to the attention of authorities a month ago, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief for Counterterrorism Mike Downing told reporters Sunday.
“Our organized crime and gang investigators found it online and on Facebook,” Downing said. “We’re kind of concerned about their recruitment and whatever other associates they have here….We predicted this would happen — the [organized crime and terrorism] convergence. What we’re worried about is the ones we don’t know about here or coming back to the U.S.”
Downing said the subjects are gang members, one Armenian and the other Latino — not radicalized Islamist jihadis — fighting with Hezbollah militias to defend the secular regime of Bashar al-Assad, and they are not U.S. citizens. One, was  deported from the U.S.

The Mexican mafia also is known to have ties to Hezbollah. In late 2007, counter-terrorism agents from the FBI and DEA in Operation Bell Bottoms busted several businesses in the Los Angeles area (in Bell) that were peddling cocaine and counterfeit designer clothing in a storefront operation run by the Mexican mafia that financially benefited Hezbollah.
FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have made recent statements that dozens of U.S. persons have fought in Syria and are now under investigation or surveillance back in the homeland.


I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video, but you can go to Borderland Beat and see it.


suernos in siria



2 thoughts on “OTMs In Syria

  1. It’s funny how the liberalized world becomes a parody of itself after a while. It’s satire come to life and would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly.

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