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The Roman conquest of Britain began around AD 43 under Claudius, and Christianity reached the isle by the second century. Yet, the Irish, who were never Roman, were responsible for spreading it through what is today Scotland, Wales, England and the Western continent. Like a wave rebounding off a wall.

Iona Abbey in Scotland c500

Iona Abbey in Scotland c500


5 thoughts on “Interesting Factoid

  1. The Celts were originally from Gaul. They engaged in cannibalism. An act that every group of humans at one time or another engaged in, but with their war appetite, they got tossed out of the Great Mantle, itself. The Argile and Piks, did well with the Romans. In England, York is the Roman city. In a recent development, I was trying to find additional material about the Romans in Wales, than is commonly available, and do not wish to get in touch with the experts in Italy because they never let me escape after weeks of information. The Argiles and Piks, from my understanding, were in fact, Citizens of the Roman Empire. The “S.P.Q.R.” attests to it, as Senatus Publicus Que Romanus, the Snate and People of Rome, meant, either you yielded and became a citizen of Rome or, you will be killed. The Romans were nothing to fool with. The “pig” that police are called, is from Tenth Legion, the Wild Boar logo, meaning that it is a warning to all, you, are in their food chain. If they knock you down, you will be, devoured.

      • In America, about 1968 with the Chicago riots where Mayor Daly had police break up the rioting. Then it followed into California with the same troublemakers from the riots in Chicago. Cops countered with “Pride, Integrity, Guts”, but the real meaning is, you are in their food chain. They knock you down, you will, be devoured. In Italy, the Mafia continues to feed enemies to hogs. They are consumed alive. When others search for the person, it is said, “they are a piece of shit”, meaning the hog’s digestive system processed them.

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