Immigration, Minimum Wage And Off Shoring

At Vdare, Ann Coulter has a piece about the minimum wage. Her contention is that a minimum wage debate is a political jackpot for the dems; they can’t lose.

“It’s win-win-win-win-win for Democrats.

  • Employees who get a higher minimum wage are grateful to the Democrats.
  • Employees who lose their jobs because of the minimum wage hike are grateful to the Democrats for generous government handouts.
  • Poor immigrants who need government benefits are grateful to the Democrats.
  • American businesses enjoying the deluge of cheap labor are grateful to the Democrats.
  • Democratic politicians guaranteed re-election by virtue of ethnic bloc voting are grateful to the Democrats.”

Her solution? Stop the influx of the million or so low skilled immigrants per year who drive wages down through the law of supply and demand. This would undoubedly work, but there’s a downside. If wages go up then the cost of doing business goes up and third world slave labor looks more appealing to more businesses.

In order to stop immigration and still have jobs for Americans, something must be done to “coerce” employers to keep their production here.


7 thoughts on “Immigration, Minimum Wage And Off Shoring

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