Some Don Colacho

I read these occasionally when the internet is having a slow day. Here’s a few:

Concerning himself intensely with his neighbor’s condition allows the Christian to dissimulate to himself his doubts about the divinity of Christ and the existence of God. Charity can be the most subtle form of apostasy.

The particular creature we love is never God’s rival. What ends in apostasy is the worship of man, the cult of humanity.

In their childish and vain attempt to attract the people, the modern clergy give socialist programs the function of being schemes for putting the Beatitudes into effect. The trick behind it consists in reducing to a collective structure external to the individual an ethical behavior that, unless it is individual and internal, is nothing. The modern clergy preach, in other words, that there is a social reform capable of wiping out the consequences of sin. From which one can deduce the pointlessness of redemption through Christ.

As they cannot be defined univocally, nor irrefutably demonstrated, so-called “human rights” serve as a pretext for the individual who rebels against a positive law. The individual has no more rights than the benefit that can be inferred from another’s duty.

Where Christianity disappears, greed, envy, and lust invent a thousand ideologies to justify themselves.

The modern metropolis is not a city; it is a disease.

Society until yesterday had notables; today it only has celebrities.

The progressive Christian’s error lies in believing that Christianity’s perennial polemic against the rich is an implicit defense of socialist programs.

If one does not believe in God, the only honest alternative is vulgar utilitarianism. The rest is rhetoric.

Unlimited gullibility is required to be able to believe that any social condition can be improved in any other way than slowly, gradually, and involuntarily.

Modern man calls walking more quickly in the same direction down the same road “change.”
The world, in the last three hundred years, has not changed except in that sense.
The simple suggestion of a true change scandalizes and terrifies modern man.

Where the law is not customary law, it is easily turned into a mere political weapon.


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