What Economic Denomination Are You?

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Capitalism or socialism? What do? It is a strange feature of current western society that this debate continues to rage with such ferocity. It seems that all political divisions  in Western nations today come down to this question, and both sides have their fervent adherents. Indeed, commitment to either side has taken on the flavor of religious devotion in some circles. How to explain this?

It’s because there is nothing else to believe in western society. Whether happy or dissatisfied with the status quo, people tend to point to the one institution that is actually visible in our culture, and that is capitalism or the market economy. It is the defining social institution, when it should just be what is going in on the background as a part of everyday life. The pervasiveness of anti-capitalist malcontents in the west is due to the fact that they feel empty and abandoned by society and culture, yet see nothing to attack but malls and big box retail stores. The revulsion to these types then leads more conservative and socially adaptable people to worship what the enemy claims is the devil.

People feel unhinged, adrift and at sea because of this social deconstruction. There is nothing to hold onto to give ourselves meaning anymore. Given this it is not a surprise that many seek refuge in absolutist economic ideologies. We either all must be a part of one big happy group with no differences between any of us, or groups do not exist at all and we are just atomistic individuals who only relate to each other through trade and commerce.


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