Who Controls The Media?

The first rule of the Jewish Mafia is you do not talk about the Jewish Mafia.

I found this in a round about way, from The Right Stuff, I think, and its interesting enough to post a link. The links on the right side lead to similar lists in other areas of government and media.

The Jews are hands down the best competitors. In every country where they live they are over represented in positions of influence. Perhaps, we should study their methods if we want to effect change in this country?

12 thoughts on “Who Controls The Media?

  1. Jewish Mafia!! Hey, you’re from Brooklyn, too? I remember those guys on Livonia Avenue.
    More accurately, people with some kind of agenda are controlling most media but, profits, rather than religion, will play a larger part in decision making and operating directives.

      • Followed it for years and always comes up to anything that you want to make it out to be. I even went as far as to looking into Europe 1933 just to find out if, from World War One until 1933, Jews had anything substantial to do with anything, and it goes back to about 1854 Germany. Everything, from a REAL investigator’s standpoint was twisted, kind of how we look at Muslims in America and start heaping them all with Islamic jihadists. Actually, it does not fit. In Europe the migrations of Khazar tribes caused the massive influx into Germany. Pay tolls? It was started out in Bavaria, as “Jew Toll”, where the Jews were allowed to leave the area but pay a toll to return. In New York City, there was legislation proposed that did not get passed, and the proposal was to declare all Jews in the late 19th Century as “retards”. Then people wonder why they forced their kids to study and the parents worked to earn pennies to put their kids through college, with a teaching that each generation from that point, must go a little bit beyond the previous generation and succeed.
        In fact, Corporal Adolph Hitler, who had a Jew in his bloodline (I don’t remember where, grand parent or great grand parent), was written up to be awarded the Iron Cross by his lieutenant, a Jew, who wrote Hitler recommendations for three Combat Citations.
        They’re regular people. I was about ten or eleven, before I found out some of my friends were Jews. What’s a Jew? They were regular. Their parents were regular. But I’m not a Jew, I’m a “Cat-Lick”. Then the divide came when kids go their own ways but, as a 16 year old, I used to do “favors” for some local hoods, who I only thought were people living in the area, and I personally drove, the last man, reported to be in Murder Incorporated. He was an old man. I was told that in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, he was partnered with someone named Gora Shapiro, and a real tough guy, and those Jews, were contract killers. Jews. Regular people because we all have some that we would prefer not talking about.

        • ” Pay tolls? It was started out in Bavaria, as “Jew Toll”, where the Jews were allowed to leave the area but pay a toll to return. In New York City, there was legislation proposed that did not get passed, and the proposal was to declare all Jews in the late 19th Century as “retards”. Then people wonder why they forced their kids to study and the parents worked to earn pennies to put their kids through college, with a teaching that each generation from that point, must go a little bit beyond the previous generation and succeed.”

          Maybe, this is the cure for black disfunction?

          • No, but you are on the correct track. From what was served up to the Jews in Europe, caused many of them, to want the exact opposite, and that, was Communism. That was race mixing. That, is where all the problems come into play.
            What you suggest, is more of a “backhanded compliment” of the Jews, and, there is some accuracy, but you did not realize, “why?”.

          • From being treated bitterly. I remember teachers in high school that were Jews and telling about what they had to go through in life when they were late teens and older, then how they started thinking about it and migrated to the Communist Party. The Communist Party is very strong in New York City and the current mayor, is a Communist along with his wife. I knew a few Communists, one of them is in the news a bit, a black guy, taught in Princeton. I heard all of the ranting of how they think that I am a Nazi because I am regimented, so I stopped to listen to what was being said on a few occasions. Some of it, made sense. Where I live, is historic to World War Two, because the German Bund was in this area, and I know many of those families. I used to be fluent in German, read, write, speak, and they started to explain their views. In the end, what it all boils down to, is that an influx of refugees could not be sustained economically and, the differences of the people, were held as points to vilify them.
            I will go one step further. In two weeks, I will be married to my wife for 41 years. We had a “Football” wedding reception after the church, at the VFW post. In my family, and around the old neighborhood, people today, are still talking about what a great time they had. I hired some union musicians that worked for Doc Severenson, on the Tonight Show. Tables of food. Dancing. Free bar, with old time veterans waitering pitchers of tap beer. My father-in-law got drunk for the first time since VJ-Day. It ended up, there were so many people, we just opened up the doors and whoever wanted to come in, come on in. The grounds around the post were filled with people. Now, consider this, the very best wedding that I ever went to, was for a woman that worked with my wife, her son got married. They were Hassidic Jews. In my opinion, that was, the best, wedding, that I ever went to. The people, the food, everything was spectacular. They were regular people, following their customs. Similarities are all around. If you can follow a Catholic mass, you can follow a Jewish Shabbat service. Traditions are close to European/Catholic/Italian, where people would stand up for respect when elders walk down the aisle and the bridal party. They allow beggars, because the Old Testament said at these times to be kind to those without. They were all, regular people. I was getting yelled at all night by the men because they thought that I was Jewish and belonged with the men. The women flocked all over me because I grew a beard and wore a yarmulke out of respect, and they couldn’t believe that I am Sicilian/Catholic and they all had a good laugh, and thousands of questions. The women realized that I am not a threat, and they were all inquisitive. I felt like, I just stepped out of a space ship.

          • I’m not sure how your jewish friends and attending a jewish wedding applies to my observation that a minority (who you say has communist leanings) is over represented in media, etc. I didn’t say they weren’t nice or fun.
            I read this quote just a little while ago:
            “Dear libertarian, take the rose colored glasses of racial egalitarianism off. Look around and see that other races don’t even disguise their hatred of you. Even though you don’t think in terms of race, rest assured that they do. Humanity is composed of a series of racial corporations.”
            In other words, life is a team sport, and just like any team sport, you don’t have to hate your opponent, but you do have to recognise that there is a competition.

            In a similar vein, my wife doesn’t believe that blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crimes because all of the black people she knows are so nice.

  2. Here’s what I know from my life experiences, I know, that good and evil is found in every color, and every ethnicity and every religion. If I look only for bad, then I will find, only bad.
    I don’t wear rose colored glasses, I was a Marine in Vietnam. I was a street fighting kid that enlisted and found out the world is bigger than me. I watched, and saw, with my eyes, people all around me, suffering. The good people, and the evil people. I knew who was who, and tried my best to help those that could not defend themselves. When I came back after the surgeries to rebuild my face, nobody would give me a job, and I worked a slaughterhouse for one year. I took a civil service test and became a cop, because all around me, in the streets, I saw suffering. I also knew that people can harbor feelings that might not necessarily be positive, and only they, would have to deal with those demons.
    I went every step and phase that the job had, and started out walking a beat. I grappled a would-be bridge jumper and thought I did good, only to be yelled at by every cop in the command for being stupid and how I should have let them jump than risk my own life. That scene got played another time, but that time I had three stripes on my arm and a lot of years under my belt, so it did not go over and I said so, point blank. After arresting 574 people, and earning 48 citations, and eventually becoming a Detective Sergeant, I pretty much know about people. When I became a cop, we fought with our fists. Pulling a gun, meant that you failed. I failed three times, and seven armed people were on the receiving end of a grand total of eight rounds fired, eight impacts, six dead. That, was failure. I could not do anything about it, and cops back then, looked to help people.
    Anyone saying otherwise to me, is basically on first base, but they haven’t really been in the game as long as I have, and around the bases that my scars will attest to.
    Are people different? Yes. Should we be aware of differences? Yes. But we cheat ourselves when we only leave room for only one option, unless, closing yourself off, is the goal. I have found, in my experiences in life, the Jews, are regular people. The same way that I got doors slammed in my face with job opportunities because I am of Sicilian heritage. But when the shit hit the fan, everyone always ran to me, for help.
    I am an Equal Opportunity hater: I hate everyone equally. What good deeds have you done, this day? (USMC teaching).

    • As a personal philosophy for dealing with individuals, egalitarianism is good; take each individual as an individual.

      As a philosophy for dealing with society as a whole, not so much. In the case of this post, we are talking about a group with a strong narrative, international advocacy groups, and major greivances. Does every Joel Q Fleischman fit this mold? Of course not, but the influential members of this group, such as Loyd Blankfein or Rahm Emmanuel, are the ones that have a direct bearing on my life.

      “To learn who rules you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” -Voltaire
      Why are jews and their supporters so touchy about questioning jewish motives? If I question the motives of the NAACP, nobody bats an eye, question the World Jewish Congress and your a nazi.

      • True about the Nazi part, but notice, the fangs are duller from calling everyone a Nazi. They cannot keep yelling “fire”. It also serves as a warning, that something, is on their minds, that they are not telling you.

        • I just reread you comment on miscegenation, and it backs up my previous comment here.

          Somebody, maybe Derbeyshire or Sailer, posited that the Jews, as a diaspora, promote multiculturalism because it breaks up social cohesion in the host country. Like diving into disturbed water as opposed to smooth water.

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