For Your Consideration

I came across this and its not something that can be excerpted, so here’s a link. Curious about people’s thoughts.


One thought on “For Your Consideration

  1. People are not supposed to mix where they should have enough sense to know that it is wrong. Even in Israel, today, they have miscegenation laws. Fools in America complain but ignore Israel’s law. What is my point? South Africa, had apartheid and the US was obligated per US Constitution not to render any sort of aid to LeKlerk’s government, but Israel continued to be flooded with money and aid, but Congress turned their heads and played dumb. It was Feinstein’s pet pig. But, I do not believe in race mixing and never did nor ever will, and liberals say that I am a bigot and a racist.
    The Bible is very crystal clear on the subject, and for a host of some very good reasons. Marriage, they understood, reduced disease and fatalities, so how is it that diseased people and queers are welcomed with open arms in liberal society? Impending doom, one way, or another. Look for yourself about Israel’s miscegenation laws. They have good reasons.

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