Great Guitarists You Might Not Have Heard Of

When economic collapse, tyranny, crime and all the evils of the world start to give me deja vu, or if I’m just bored, I turn to youtube.

I’m not the biggest blues fan, I find most of it pretty dull, but there are a few exceptions. Lonnie Johnson’s careeer had two distinct phases-20s-30s and 50s -60s. Not just a bluesman, Johnson also played jazz, check out his duets with Eddia Lang. BB King named Lonnie Johnson as a primary influence.

Tuck Andress grew up playing funk, now he mostly plays in a duet with his vocalist wife. Two from Tuck because the first one is just a short lesson that I think is cool (the audio seems a little off from the video).

Ted Greene did some session work and recorded one solo album, but he’s mostly known as a teacher and especially for his book Chord Chemistry. He was a chord melody guy, not a “shredder”, who spent his time studying harmony.


5 thoughts on “Great Guitarists You Might Not Have Heard Of

  1. Amazing talent. Having grown up in Louisiana I used to spend weekends in New Orleans listening to blues players, a more relaxing way to spend a weekend is difficult to find in my opinion. I really enjoyed Teds rendition of Danny Boy, I heard that song many times as a young lad growing up, my dad was Irish!

    Thanks for an interesting and entertaining post!

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