White People Breaking Bad

I just saw a commercial for the next season of Amish Mafia. Its an obviously fake show, but the ad got me thinking, why would a producer choose what is probably the least violent segment of white society to base a show about violence and crime around? The fact that the show is still on, as stupid as it is, makes me wonder if the creaters have tapped a zeitgeist, a changing perspective of white viewers.  Breaking Bad, zombie movies, Appalachian Outlaws, all of these show white people doing what they have to to survive, including breaking societal norms. In the case of zombie movies and the Walking Dead, a band of [mostly] white people fight hordes of unthinking, violent creatures and attempt to recreate civilization.

Could this be people desensitising themselves to a more violent world?

Edit to add:

I forgot about Gangland and all the prison shows, which are essentially violence porn.

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