Baltimore-Impending WROL

UPDATE: Amren has this posted, but that’s not where I found it. Paul Kersey at Vdare (read it, lotsa links!) has some more info:

This year, it’s Tracey Halvorsen, a white Baltimore woman who just published an article [Baltimore City, You’re Breaking My Heart| This is why people leave,, February 7, 2014] in which she went to the very edge of the racial abyss in describing why the 63.5 percent black city is dying—only to turn tail under pressure.

Halvorsen appears to be the epitome of Stuff White People Like liberals. Her Twitter profile reads: President & Chief Visionary Officer at Fastspot. Artist, animal lover, writer, joker, traveler. Life’s short, have fun. Perhaps to establish her PC credentials, she made it clear that she’s a lesbian.

So, yeah, liberal vs reality.

Front Camera

In a continuing theme, here’s something I found today (I can’t remember where, maybe Brittius) listing the problems with Baltimore. It sounds like its written by a liberal who is in the process of being mugged by reality. Here’s just a few tidbits:

Life takes you places, you follow a course that isn’t completely of your own making. One day you wake up, and it’s really all up to you. So where do you want to live? I happen to live in a city. Baltimore, to be specific.

And I’m growing to absolutely hate it here.

I’m tired of hearing about 12 year old girls being held up at gun-point while they walk to school.

I’m tired of being looked at like prey.

I’m tired of hearing the police helicopter circling overhead every night, and seeing the spotlight shine in my window.

I’m tired of reading about juveniles arrested for violent crimes who are let go because if it’s not a “murder” case, there’s no time to worry about it, or resources to deal with it.

I’m tired of checking in on neighbor and Baltimore Sun editor Jon Fogg’s Go Fund Me page to see if his family has met their goal to raise funds to help him recover from the brutal attack he suffered as he went from his car to his front door after work.

I’m tired of answering the question, “Is Baltimore really like The Wire?” Answer: “Yeah it’s a complete shit-hole war zone depending on what street you turn down”.

I’m tired of looking at 11 year olds as potential thieves, muggers and murderers on my walk home from the office.

I’m tired of living next to a beautiful park that I’m scared to walk into at any time of day, thanks to regular stories of day-time muggings, drug dealing and gang violence.

I’m tired of doing the mental checklist of what I will do if I hear someone break into my house.

I’m tired of watching the murder count go up and up like a lottery pool.

I’m tired of hearing people talk about how coveted the internships are at Johns Hopkins because you get “battle zone” experience.

I’m tired of wondering why city leaders haven’t said shit about recent horrific murders committed in what I used to consider “safe” neighborhoods.


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