I realised that I had a link to the Libertarian Party of NC in my NC Political Alternatives section. I was going to delete it, since I can’t stand libertarianism, but I thought I’d give them the benefit of the doubt and read through their platform.

Law: “The LPNC calls for repeal of all statutes that assert a crime has been committed in cases where no specific victim or damage to property can be identified.”

So would there be consequences for dumping toxic waste in a creek? If so, who is the specific victim and what is the specific damage? In the section entitled “Pollution” we read,”Pollution is a violation of rights and should be treated as such. Polluters, either public or private, should be required to make full compensation for any personal injuries or property damages that they cause. Criminal penalties are appropriate only when deliberate or willfully negligent pollution poses a serious threat or causes serious harm to innocent people or their property.” Does this mean that the gov can fine fine or imprison whoever dumped that waste? What is the criteria for posing a serious threat? Who applies the criteria?

Daycare and Elder Care:”The LPNC calls for the complete deregulation of the daycare, nursing home, and home health care industries. This will make these services more diverse, plentiful, and inexpensive, eliminating the perceived need for government intervention.”

I worked in a nursing home for a while and visited several others as part of my job. Based on personal experience, deregulating the industry would cause much loss of dignity, suffering and death with no way to prove wrongdoing since there are no regs to violate.

When I was doing pest control in Wilmington, I had several daycares on my route. These were all in somebody’s home and I wouldn’t have left my dog in any of them, let alone my child. If anything, I think more inspections are needed.

Housing:”The LPNC advocates a free and unregulated housing market. We call for the elimination of all laws that dictate to homeowners how they will build, inhabit, or use their property, and of all regulations that increase the costs of housing. In no case should the taxpayers subsidize another’s choice of where to build and maintain housing.”

Our first house was built during the housing boom. It was thrown togwther in about a month and we lived in it for about four years. The neighborhood had an HOA and the buider was reputable. Four years after we moved out and the neighborhood is transitioning to lower income rentals because the houses were built with minimum quality materials and lost all of their value. “Buyer beware” assumes the buyer has the knowledge and opportunity to judge a product. We had no opportunity to see the gas fireplace installed improperly, or the manner in which the kitchen cabinets were installed that led to them pulling away from the wall in less than two years, or the poorly installed backdoor threshold that trapped water…I’m for more stringent building regs,especially materials, to encourage building houses that last a 100 years rather than throw away soon-to-be-section 8 neighborhoods.

From doing pest control, I know my experience is not unique or even rare.

Adoption:”The LPNC calls for a total deregulation of adoption services. Easily available adoption will significantly lower abortion and child abuse. We support the rights of individuals and non-traditional families to adopt.”

Yeah, I’m sure pedophiles would never adopt.

Local Government Monopolies:”The LPNC challenges local and county governments to seek private solutions for basic needs. We call for free and open competition in all areas that have been previously reserved to government-granted monopolies, including but not limited to public transportation, utilities, and police and fire protection.”

I can see competing trash collection or bus services, but I have never understood how you can have competing sewer pipes or electric grids. Private police, security guards, would almost guarantee that the law is applied unevenly. Private police and fire services would be ripe for extortion .

Zoning:”The LPNC calls for the repeal of all zoning ordinances. In their place, we uphold the rights of private owners to use and develop their property as they see fit, and the rights of their neighbors to be protected from any direct harm caused by such use. We encourage people to establish private contractual relationships that promote harmonious land use and development.”

Here, I want to know the definition of direct harm. Would your junkyard/nightclub/paper plant driving my property value down be direct harm?

Transportation:”The LPNC challenges state and local government to stop building new highways or other transportation systems. We propose giving private enterprise the opportunity to come up with innovative transportation solutions without government interference. Current roads should be maintained by private enterprise until such time as they can be transferred to private ownership.”

This may be more of a personal preference, but I hate the idea of toll roads.

Agriculture and Forestry:”The LPNC supports a free market in agriculture and forestry. People should be free to raise any agricultural product and sell it at market, without government subsidy, support, or interference. Agricultural and forestry research should be conducted privately, without government interference or support. We call for the removal of all taxes on agricultural products at all levels, including production, distribution, storage, transportation, and sale.”

I think we all know that is aimed purely at legalising pot.

Alcohol Sales:”The LPNC calls for government to get out of the business of selling alcohol. The Alcohol Beverage Control system should be privatized and alcohol sales deregulated as quickly as possible.”

I am only familiar with NC alcohol laws and I haven’t come across any real push to have them changed, seems they are acceptable to the majority.

Fair Campaigns:”The right to freedom of expression must include the unrestricted right to pay for dissemination of one’s opinion. When the government controls the funding of campaigns, it controls the campaigns themselves, and thus the elections. Accordingly, the LPNC calls for an end to all limits on a person’s right to support the candidate of his choice.”

Its not like money doesn’t influence elections. I’m for the opposite, I would only allow candidates to campaign in person with speeches or in writing. Radio and tv ads are pure bs emotional ploys. “Candidate B hates puppies, do you really want a governor who hates puppies? Vote candidate A!”

Legislation:”Bills issuing from the General Assembly should be as simple and to the point as possible. We challenge the General Assembly to write bills that cover only one topic and that can be understood by the average voter. We oppose riders, unrelated amendments, or any other attempt to pass legislation without a clear, open, and public consideration of the proposed law.”

I’m onboard with this. I have a friend who suggested that congress should have to print all bills on paper, and they are only alloted a certain number of pages each session with a mandated minimum font size.

Taxation:”Taxation is by its very nature a coercive and destructive act against the people. All people have the basic right to keep the fruits of their labor and enterprise. The costs of government should be paid for by voluntary means only.”

The Articles of Confederation were set up so the states contributed voluntarily to the fed gov to pay off the war debt. None of the states wanted to pay, so we ended up with the Constitution.

Sale of Government Lands and Assets:”The LPNC challenges state and local governments to privatize as many lands and assets as possible. Many functions of government should be transferred to private ownership, and a necessary reduction in the size of government will generate surplus property. We call for a fair and open process to liquidate these lands and assets at maximum value. The proceeds from these sales should be used to eliminate bond debt, and any remainder should be refunded to the taxpayers.”

Well, Ted Turner would like this, the rest of us would lose access to hunting and fishing.

Boating, Hunting and Fishing Rights:”The LPNC calls for the elimination of state licenses for the purposes of boating, hunting, or fishing. We support the rights of private landowners to allow, ban, or regulate these activities on their property, as they see fit.”

See above.

Free Association:”The LPNC supports the right of any free association of individuals to conduct their community affairs as they see fit, consistent with individual liberty, without interference from the government.”

“[I]ndividuals to conduct their community affairs as they see fit”, this is a catch 22. Can individuals in a community decide to exclude certain people, violating those people’s rights to live where they want, or does an individual’s right to live where he wants trump a communities right to exclude? This will come up.

Anyway, I’m deleting the link.




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