Edit I added  a link to Refugee Resettlement Watch’s 2013 fact sheet at the bottom.

Via Refugee Resettlement Watch, I found this link to a chart that shows how many and from where refugees came in 2012 broken down by state.

North Carolina had 2110 refugees in 2012, the largest groups from Bhutan and Burma.


7.3 percent of North Carolinians are immigrants, up from 5.3 percent in 2000. (1)

Four percent of North Carolinians are undocumented immigrants. (2)

One in three immigrants are naturalized citizens and therefore able to vote as an important way to engage in the policymaking process. (3)

Children of immigrants comprise 16 percent of the state’s child population. (7)


Refugee Resettlement Watch 2013 Fact Sheet

2.  The U.S. takes more than twice as many refugees as all countries from the rest of the industrialized world combined.

7. This same GAO report quotes a state official who notes “that local affiliate funding is based on the number of refugees they serve, so affiliates (private contractors) have an incentive to maintain or increase the number of refugees they resettle each year rather than allowing the number to decrease.”

8. Refugee resettlement is a self-perpetuating global enterprise.  Staff and management of the hundreds of taxpayer supported U.S. contractors are largely refugees or immigrants whose purpose is to gain entry for more refugees, usually for their co-ethnics.

12.  Assimilation is no longer a goal for any agency involved in refugee resettlement – government or private contractor. The private contractors’ engagement with the refugee is so short – less than 4 months in most cases, that nothing approaching assimilation could even be considered. The term “assimilation” is no longer a part of government lexicon and does not even occur in dozens of recent reports and papers generated about refugee resettlement. The operative term in vogue now is “integration” with its clear intent of maintenance of ethnic identity.

14.   The Obama administration has placed a priority on LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees. This has resulted in an upsurge of asylum requests on this basis – even from countries like England! Since the State Department does not keep data about numbers admitted by reason for admission, we can’t obtain exact numbers of those admitted on the basis of LBGTQI persecution, but one private refugee agency has set up an office in Nairobi, Kenya to assist intending LBGTQI refugees.   This office also advises about how to get into the refugee pipeline.  In other words, a private contractor is recruiting refugees who will eventually become the contractor’s  profit-generating clients.   At the 2012 conference of refugee contractors sponsored by the DHHS Office of Refugee resettlement a refugee contractor demanded that Medicaid pay for sex change operations if needed by newly arrived refugees.


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  1. An interesting site, I’ll study this a little more later. I’m surprised there were no more listed in Arkansas.

    Maybe they don’t like us…good!

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