Borderless World-One World Government

I’ve been reading about immigration, today. I read about some irritatingly anti-american policies of our government and was then led to other areas where our gov is acting against our best interests. I was going to make a post with links, but I realised I can’t possibly do more than scratch the surface, so I decided to just write about it, generally.

The obvious aim of  “they” or “TPTB” is to erase national borders and reduce everybody, except themselves, of course, to the global mean. This is not a popular opinion outside the corridors of power, they cannot do it to us voluntarily, so they do it in a round about way. They erase borders in different economic and social areas one at a time, free trade, immigration reform, refugee resettlement, Social Security Totalization, various economic and political agreements to numerous to list all drawing the US into closer cooperation with the world until there won’t be any meaningful borders. For every move we counter, two more are successful. Every time they’re successful, our ability to counter is weakened.

The supposed opposition is confused, free trade and “bringing jobs back” are mutually exclusive. Under free trade, the jobs go where the wages are lowest, they aren’t coming back to the US until our wages are equal to third world wages (why are third world wages so low?) Free trade and border security are also opposing ideas, free trade means no impediment to the free flow of goods and labor. The idea that workers who’s jobs are off shored will move into other industries is stupid, we don’t need any more unemployed job seekers, we have over 18,ooo,ooo according to BLS. Supply and demand tells us that more people competing for jobs lowers wages, but, hey, if they come down enough, manufacturers will move their Asian sweatshops here, assuming we still have enough economic activity to buy anything.

There is no real resistance to globalisation, they control the conversation, they define the terms, they act and we react. At the moment, our fight is with words, soon, that won’t be an option, but I don’t think a Red Dawn style patriots vs government fight is likely. I think multiple factions, domestic and foreign, fighting each other against a backdrop of serious economic hardship, in other words, chaos. It is the end of the US, whether it will be the end of America, I don’t know.

Yes, that was a prediction.

yeah, those are body parts

It will be bad.

11 thoughts on “Borderless World-One World Government

  1. Not sure which is worse: the total collapse scenario with anarchy and massive bloodshed, or the continuation of the controlled gradual (but accelerating) transformation that we’ve seen for our entire lives.

    Unfortunately, I think we’ll see some of both.

  2. We will, no doubt, begin to see more hits like the one recently in CA. A dead Judge here, a dead DA there. A dead Pol. or two here, a dead gov worker there. Only difference will be is that these events will be at the hands of citizens and not the hired agents or representatives of the government, itself. I do not see armies ever lining up in the field to face off with each other. I just don’t see this coming off that way. Either way this happens, the government can never survive like it is today, and those in control today will end up paying dearly for their treason. History will simply repeat it’s predictable course.

    • No government can survive a loss of legitimacy, but the problem with this scenario vs a revolution is there is nothing waiting to replace the existing power structure. In the original American Revolution, the Continental Congress was set up and ready to go, we’re just going into failed state territory; a failed state that is 25% of the global economy.
      “We will, no doubt, begin to see more hits like the one recently in CA”
      At the hands of the citizens, the cartels, the black gangs, the Italian and Russian mobs, etc as they compete to fill the power vacuum. The gov will try to deploy the National Guard, but total martial law is just an internet boogeyman, they don’t have the manpower to lock down 300 million people over 3.7 million sq miles, especially once there’s no money for payroll.
      Tyranny has to be voluntary on the part of the tyranised, look for WWIII. An existential threat to convince us to give up some more freedom and, of course, we’ll have to further integrate with allied nations (that really means give up more sovereignity) in order to win.
      Eventually, the whole complicated thing falls apart, the population resorts and it starts over. We’re just repeating history, Roman, Greek and however many others before.

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