Communist Patriots

Revised History

Years ago I had a friend on the East Coast who was the pastor of a small, independent Separatist church. He was also quite a student of history. He had, over the years, talked with several people that had been Communists and had broken with the Party. He mentioned on a couple occasions talking with a man who had been the editor of the major Communist “newspaper” in the country. The man’s name was Louis Budenz and at the time I believe he lived in Newport, Rhode Island.  Mr. Budenz told the pastor once that “the patriotism of the 20th century will be Communism.” On first thought that might sound rather ridiculous, but, in looking at our culture today, you can see that, in many ways, it was a very accurate description.

3 thoughts on “Communist Patriots

  1. And he was wrong – the Loyalists of this century may be Communists, but not the Patriots. Our Founding Fathers were never called Patriots by our government of that day just as the Patriotic Americans of today are being ridiculed for trying to bring the nation back to its heritage – the Tea Party is a great example.

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