Harold Crews on Southern Nationalism

Message from the Chairman of the North Carolina Chapter of the League of the South.

In my oppinion, he is very charitable towards libertarianism. The libertarian idea, that only individuals exists and there are no groups, is death for any nationalism, Southern or American. Libertarianism denies the value of history, culture or heritage, considering only the economy. What libertarianism calls individualism is in actuality the exact opposite. While the ideology does respect individual action, it denies any actual individuality of persons seeing them as interchangeable. In libertarianism, a Mexican, a Frenchman, a Hutu and an Apache are exactly the same, they have no group history, affiliation or interest, because groups don’t exist. Libertarianism/Austrianism is a materialist philosophy in the literal sense.

Questions for the Free Marketeers:

How is reducing the number of jobs good for us?

How would increasing competition for remaining jobs not reduce wages?

How is being dependent on foreign manufacturing wise?


5 thoughts on “Harold Crews on Southern Nationalism

  1. You blow the misconceptions regarding libertarianisn all to hell! Good job. People are making a lot of headway
    marketing this ideology. It’s not liberalism and it ‘s not conservatism so many are too happy to jump on board.

    • Libertarianism sounds so good, its got everything: liberty, rights, freedom, Thomas Jefferson. The problem is it goes too far, if big government is bad and small government is good, then no government must be best! If you’re cold in Antarctica, you don’t go all the way to the North Pole, you stop somewhere in the middle and adjust as needed.

      If you think through Libertarianism and Austrian economics, you quickly see that they have some good points, but the extremism means the disintegration of everything, especially culture; destroy America to save America.

      “…no one axiom can be laid down as wise and expedient for all times and circumstances, and for their contraries.” In other words, don’t be lazy and look for a one size fits all answer, you have to work.

      It worries me that it is gaining so much traction among the liberty minded, I hope we don’t give too much away before we realise what we’re losing.

      On the other hand, it does make great bumper stickers.

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