Immigration: The Solution To Detroit’s Problems

Or, at least, that’s what Republican Gov Snyder thinks. The idea is that 50,ooo visas are given with the caveat that they spend five years in Detroit. The question of how to keep them in Detroit is not answered or why, if we can force people to live in a city, it has to be immigrants. Why not college grads? They move there for five years and their student loans are forgiven.That was the premise of the tv show Northern Exposure so its not like nobody has ever thought of it before.

Instead, the GOP brain trust in Michigan goes straight to immigrants. I mean, its not like our unemployment is high or anything.

Via Amren


Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder asked the federal government Thursday to set aside thousands of work visas for bankrupt Detroit, a bid to revive the decaying city by attracting talented immigrants who are willing to move there and stay for five years.

The Republican governor has routinely touted immigration as a powerful potential force for growing Detroit’s economy, saying immigrant entrepreneurs start many small businesses and file patents at twice the rate of U.S.-born citizens.

“Let’s send a message to the entire world: Detroit, Michigan, is open to the world,” Snyder said at a news conference.

The proposal involves EB-2 visas, which are offered every year to legal immigrants who have advanced degrees or show exceptional ability in certain fields.

But the governor’s ambitious plan faces significant hurdles: The visas are not currently allocated by region or state. And the number he is seeking — 50,000 over five years — would be a quarter of the total EB-2 visas offered.



16 thoughts on “Immigration: The Solution To Detroit’s Problems

  1. Oh, God. Those people left for work. They left cesspools of this world. They left what was a better life than what the Democrats are offering in Detroit! There is nothing even Mexicans want. They know, more than we, what hellholes are all about.

  2. I agree, Roger, create zones in Detroit for citizens who will come and work for 5 years to forgive college loans. It has been done to get doctors into rural areas of the states.

  3. “WORK”

    There y’all go again with the nasty four-letter words!

    You have to (grudgingly) give the regime credit for doing an outstanding job of creating an aversion to work among millions of people for so many generation. It’s what the regime does best.

    • You also have to grudgingly admit that working is mostly a waste of time for those who are only qualified for unskilled labor. Wages are so low for most unskilled jobs that you can’t afford food and rent in the same month.

      As wages remain stagnant across most of the ecnomy and more manufacturing goes abroad, I expect this will be the case for more and more people. Driving more and more to seek assistance until the system crashes. Then chaos. Then real, unfettered tyranny that will make NSA spying look downright benevolent.

      It makes me sad. We did the libertarian thing and outsourced our currency to a private bank and our money got inflated for the benefit of bankers.Then we opened ourselves up to free trade and our manufacturing jobs went over seas. What really makes me sad is the libertarians wanting to double down and go full open borders, no government, no laws anarchy as if doing away with the country will somehow fix it.

  4. You’re right again Roger. In consideration of all the things you have listed above, it sure looks like the collapse is very near. More so than at any other time in our past. To their way of thinking, all this WILL “fix it”. It just isn’t exactly what people like you and I have in mind!

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