I’m Kinda Clever, Sometimes

I was looking at my stats and saw that somebody had read this post from November. I didn’t remember the post, so I went and reread it. I’m kinda clever sometimes!



11 thoughts on “I’m Kinda Clever, Sometimes

  1. Dear Mr. Kinda Clever,
    Your cleverness resides in the fact that you take a few incorrect premises and create an interesting narrative. Feudalism was not Libertarian and was certainly not a free market – just because the state is controlled by an individual does not make the land free. In Communism the land is owned by “everyone” but that does not mean each individual has any claim to the land. Libertarians believe the role of the state is to ensure the few things that are necessary in order to have free liberties for the rest of society. Thus, if the king were a libertarian, he would control only as much land as necessary to ensure the liberty of his subjects. Thus, the feudal society is about the exact opposite of a libertarian society.

    • dear Mr Take Things Too Seriously,
      Wrong. Libertarians believe the land should be privately owned, there should be no nations, and the economy should be based on unfettered competition. Property is privately owned and the owner makes the rules for his property. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, a winner take all system leads to a winner taking all. Therefore, feudalism is more libertarian than any other system that has been tried because everything is privately owned. Libertarianism is anarchy, you Republicans don’t realise this and if you don’t pay attention, libertarian free marketeers will give the country away.

  2. First, I am indeed a drive-by commenter, but I think i too am a kinda clever drive-byer! (After all, this is the internet, i.e., the information super highway!!)
    And I think you are wrong about your definition of Libertarianism. I think libertarians are like other socio-political groups in that there is a spectrum of beliefs – some are anarchists and others understand that you cannot have true liberty without a few enforceable laws; anarchists fall into the trap that Adam succumbed to in the Garden in thinking he could be truly free from all laws and thus found himself in total bondage.
    Also, I think the Republican party is stronger because it has Libertarians, and Tea Parties, and NeoCons, and RINOs and a multitude of ideas that must be compromised to get things done … just as it was with the founders of the nation. The Democrats are the party that does not compromise (as can be seen in the way they passed Obamacare.)

    • Equating classical liberal with libertarian is incorrect. Libertarians will do this, but when classical liberals were walking the earth, libertarians were calling themselves anarchists.
      I am not interested in theory, its the application that matters. Libertarian ideas, if they are even applicable, will lead to either feudalism or communism.

  3. “Is liberty the condition of being under no law whatsoever or the condition of being subject only to law that is equally applicable to all, rather than to the arbitrary will of others?”

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