What’s The Deal With Odinism?

Seriously. Max Velocity and now Mosby (who like to broach a subject and then disallow conversation about it) are talking about Odinism (asatru if you’re one of the cool kids). It came up recently on a WRSA comment section, too. Is it just the cool viking warrior image that attracts these military nerds, or is there a larger trend? Anybody know?

EDIT: I just found out that survivalist boards has a Heathen/Asatry/Odinist/etc thread

St Boniface cut down Thor's tree and converted his people

St Boniface cut down Thor’s tree and converted his people


14 thoughts on “What’s The Deal With Odinism?

  1. I know nothing about Max Velocity or Mosby, but this video looks quite a bit like watered-down neo-Nazism. I’m not saying this as a swipe against them, though I disagree with many aspects of the white power movement. The blue-eyed baby above “For Our Children”. The “Faith Folk Family” slogan with a radial symbol and its red-white-black motif. It all points to neo-Nazi influence.

    Some Neo-Nazi types hate Jews enough that they extend this hatred to Christianity, which they say has weakened the white man. They romanticize Pagan Europe and have thus started to practice a modern interpretation of Norse paganism (presumably without the human sacrifice). Quite a few whites in prison pick this practice up.

    Another way to look at it is Odinism gives white people a way to shut out non-white outsiders without being overtly racist because the religion is tied to ancestry more than to creed. They don’t want to hate the minorities, they just want to love their own land and people. They can be pro-white and remain somewhat politically correct.

    Or they could be death metal fans. Some people are attracted to Odinism that way.

    • Max V and Mosby both go out of their way to make sure you know wothout a shadow of doubt that they are in no way racist! They served in the military with minorities! How could they be racist? /sarc It may be a “me thinks thou doth protest too much” situation, I don’t know. Neither are fond of Christianity, that could be a part. Both are deracinated “libertarians”, though Max V is more of a straight liberal, I think.

      I considered the death metal angle, I think something along those lines is probably close. They’re uber macho special ops dudes.

      Maybe just a desire to belong to a group and still be outside the mainstream. Take that dad!

    • Excuse me, but may I ask what race you are? First of all it is European peoples, and yes, especially people with blonde hair and blue eyes, who are being marginalized, discriminated against by affirmative action, which amounts to denying jobs due to race, and whose own native religion attacked, not anyone else. Also it would appear you do not know much about world war 2 https://odinia.org/what-are-values/ or about the native ancestral religion Odinism. https://odinia.org/what-is-odinism/ I am an Odinist and I am not worried about being “politically correct”. I worship our own Gods, look after the interests of my own people first, and have to fight even for the right to advertise our events. I do not approve of white genocide. If you are European ancestry person, and you do, you need to rethink things, and stop betraying your own people and ancestors and our future because it is fashionable. At 7-8 percent of the world population down from 30, it is we who are close to being extinct, not “minorities”. If you are not European and you are pontificating obnoxiously and telling European how to practice their own religion you are hypocritical beyond belief. More than 90 percent of all violent inter-racial crime has white victims and non white perpetrators, which is never reported in the 97 percent Jewish owned media, just as the Icelandic revolution against Jewish bankers was not, and the genocide of whites in South Africa was not , and the current huge white sex slave trade in Israel using Ukranian women and children is ignored as well. Either way, you are the one who is a “racist”.

      • In following an obscure religion, no doubt you are hyper-defensive of Odinism and have blown my comments out of proportion. But I’ll play along with you, as we are more aligned on political matters than you think.

        I am a white man, and yes, I am ignorant of the fine details of your Odinism. While I agree with you about the condition of the white race and lament its intentional destruction, I must admit that I doubt that your religion is good for Western civilization in the long run, based as it is on a superstitious tribal religion that once practiced human sacrifice.

        In the shorter run, if Odinism can attract a large number of foolish liberal whites to think in terms of their nations, people, and race instead of consumption, egalitarianism, and infertility, then it is a welcome counter-tide to the overwhelming social currents of globalist society. For various reasons, the current squishy state of much of Western Christianity won’t appeal to these liberals now. If they are lost to Christianity as Godless, lifeless liberals, then I’d rather see them lost to Christianity as proponents of white nations and race.

        Years ago I used to be somewhat active in neo-Nazi circles, and back in the 1990’s I saw a change in tack among some of them towards a sort of politically correct Odinist nature-worship, a type of Neo-Nazi-lite. They seemed to want a more socially acceptable way of life. That is my anecdotal evidence on the matter compared to your contradictory experiences. Which one is the stronger trend, I have no idea, and nowadays I don’t really care much about neo-Nazis or pagans.

        I do admire your passion, Odinia, and share a grave concern and an anger at the slow destruction of our peoples. But you could stand to cool your jets just a bit. I believe that we could be allies.

        • Hi, let me try to answer some of this… Our native religion is not “obscure” It was the only religion for at least 40,000 years. In fact, it could be very reasonably argued that Christianity, for example, is not even a real religion, but a cultural Marxist cult. I am not a liberal and neither were our Heathen European ancestors. What is liberal is believing that everyone is the same and worshipping a foreign god… it does not get more liberal than that. https://odinia.org/what-is-honor/ Jew worship only arose in the last 2000 yrs and is rapidly declining, and hopefully will very soon be gone and forgotten, rather like a bad dream… Here is the primary question… On what basis do you believe a tribe of con artists who have been expelled for more than a hundred countries, not out of racism, but for *committing crimes* about religion? Why do you believe them above the word of your OWN ancestors, who valued honor and truth? (see link above) Do you think they are a good source?http://vikingalthing.org/article/quotes-holy-talmud-hell-anyone-want-expel-people/ As far as human sacrifice, which appears to have been a very rare practice reserved for criminals, is concerned, I do believe the Romans invading Germany who were nailed to trees by the great Arminius never did come back again. You may enjoy my broadcasts, the most recent of which discusses the topic. http://www.youtube.com/user/odinistpodcast/videos My email address is odinia@outlook.com for anyone who wishes to explore his or her own native religion and stop worshipping jews… Wassail!

          • Who worships jews? What do we care about the talmud? How many of those countries that expelled the jews were Christian countries? Why did pagans convert to Christianity if paganism was so great?

            ‘What is this disease? The festivals of the pitiful and miserable Jews are soon to march upon us one after the other and in quick succession: the feast of Trumpets, the feast of Tabernacles, the fasts. There are many in our ranks who say they think as we do. Yet some of these are going to watch the festivals and others will join the Jews in keeping their feasts and observing their fasts. I wish to drive this perverse custom from the Church right now. My homilies against the Anomians can be put off to another time, and the postponement would cause no harm. But now that the Jewish festivals are close by and at the very door, if I should fail to cure those who are sick with the Judaizing disease. I am afraid that, because of their ill-suited association and deep ignorance, some Christians may partake in the Jews’ transgressions; once they have done so, I fear my homilies on these transgressions will be in vain. For if they hear no word from me today, they will then join the Jews in their fasts; once they have committed this sin it will be useless for me to apply the remedy.

            But do not be surprised that I called the Jews pitiable. They really are pitiable and miserable. When so many blessings from heaven came into their hands, they thrust them aside and were at great pains to reject them. The morning Sun of Justice arose for them, but they thrust aside its rays and still sit in darkness. We, who were nurtured by darkness, drew the light to ourselves and were freed from the gloom of their error. They were the branches of that holy root, but those branches were broken. We had no share in the root, but we did reap the fruit of godliness. From their childhood they read the prophets, but they crucified him whom the prophets had foretold. We did not hear the divine prophecies but we did worship him of whom they prophesied. And so they are pitiful because they rejected the blessings which were sent to them, while others seized hold of these blessing and drew them to themselves. Although those Jews had been called to the adoption of sons, they fell to kinship with dogs; we who were dogs received the strength, through God’s grace, to put aside the irrational nature which was ours and to rise to the honor of sons. ‘

            -St John Chrysostom

  2. I think that you’ve touched on something here. Perhaps something they aren’t even aware of. It has to do with authority and self-sufficiency combined. Perhaps your last sentence is correct too!

        • The Germanic pagan religion, not unlike Shinto and Bushido to the Samurai, was, to an extent, very much a warrior’s religion with an emphasis on self-reliance. Its only natural that those who adhere to the modern application of it would be interested in or gravitate towards anything within the realm of survivalism, preparedness, firearms, ect. Likewise, many who are already interested in such activities may feel a pull toward a religion that embraces their interests.

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