Oh, We Forgot To Mention, Phil Robertson Is Also A Racist

VIA Vox Day

Phil Robertson also said that he had never seen a black person mistreated in  pre-civil rights Louisiana. This is, of course, racist, because MLK.

Here’s a link to Huffpo, I don’t feel like copying and pasting today.

Grow a beard, Yuppie

Grow a beard, Yuppie


3 thoughts on “Oh, We Forgot To Mention, Phil Robertson Is Also A Racist

  1. They weren’t. The whole BS line has been swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the ignorant American public, who wanted to believe that this was prominent in the South. It just wasn’t. My dad grew up in Central Georgia in the 1920-30-40’s and said that he never heard of the KKK. The only event he ever heard of was a black man (one time) got his ass kicked for insulting a white woman. I (and he) never knew what was meant by ‘insulting’. The North had far more cases of racism than the South ever did. And that’s just a fact.

  2. I never saw them mistreated and far from it. There was discrimination in that they watched movies from the balcony and the whites from the bottom, though I would always sit with Richard in the balcony who worked for my father each Saturday night as we were
    enthralled in the latest cowboy movie at the Marshall, Virginia theater. I had nothing but warm feelings from all.

    the latest cowboy adventure in Marshall, Virginia.

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