Science Proves Political Debates Are A Waste Of Time

VIA Amren

Medical Xpress

A research paper appearing in the academic journal Political Psychology re-affirms the genetic underpinnings of political beliefs, refuting critics who challenged previous research that linked politics with genetics.

 The new paper, “Genetic and Environmental Transmission of Political Orientations,” is the lead article in the December edition of the journal. It is based upon a 2009 survey of nearly 600 sets of in their 50s and 60s, sought through the Minnesota Twin Registry.

“The data from the twin studies is strong enough now that if you don’t believe political attitudes and behaviors are genetically inherited, you can’t believe that breast cancer is genetically inherited and you can’t believe that addictions are genetically inherited,” said Kevin Smith, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln political scientist who co-authored the study.

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4 thoughts on “Science Proves Political Debates Are A Waste Of Time

  1. The nature versus nurture argument. People agree that it’s both, but to what extent?

    As you’ve said some months ago (, genetics do seem to have a significant effect on peoples’ political views. It’s hard to imagine the old Scottish culture having much influence on Scots-descended people (such as myself) in today’s America, but the genes are still alive and kicking.

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