Pro-Abortion Feminists In Argentina

VIA Sharia Unveiled


6 thoughts on “Pro-Abortion Feminists In Argentina

  1. Well I must say I had no idea this issue had gone so far out of hand, that people were acting in such a depraved fashion in support of abortions. I actually can see this happening in this country, our morals have sunk to such depths. I recall my Dad saying people “have the morals of a dog”, and it appears to be getting worse.

    Like someone remarked in the article…it’s hard to see how this helps their argument. Not that they have one in my opinion.

      • Yes, we live in north central Arkansas. I knew about all the stuff going on in San Francisco, I just didn’t know this was how pro abortionist advocated abortion! I’m still at a loss as to how they think this would further their argument with most people.

        It would appear any reasoning in this respect actually doesn’t matter, it’s just an excuse to let go and act crazy!

  2. Right out of the Old Testament, the days of Sodom. Weren’t we told that homosexuals were just like everyone else, that they just want to raise families in suburbia? At least we can see them for who they really are.

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