Why Don’t They Leave?

American Renaisance posted this article on what’s left of Camden, NJ and the ongoing clean up effort. Camden is a third world hell hole with high levels of violent crime. An anonynous commenter asks an important question:

“They let us run amok,”

Hilarious that the only bit of truth in this article comes from some crack head.

Camden is not a city. It’s one giant minimum security prison. Anyone can leave any time they want to. In fact, with generous welfare lining the pockets of your average crackhead with food stamps converted through various schemes into drug cash, it is actually quite easy to leave…..if you want to.

Despite all the bellyaching, none of them want to. Why?

“They let us run amok,”

90% of New Jersey is extremely safe to live here due to a near police state. Every single one of the people in that article, could get on any of the extensive system of buses that criss crosses New Jersey and MOVE to a completely safe neighborhood where it is extremely rare to see the criminal element for very long. And the very first time they got out of line, twenty cop cars would show up with vicious dogs and a dozen cops would shoot to kill (did I mention taser was illegal in New Jersey….a fact that effects police tactics somewhat here). And no….black people are not particularly given the hairy eyeball by cops here.

My point is, none of those people, individually has to tolerate that situation nor is forced to by economic deprivation or anything else. They simply don’t want to. And the REASON they don’t want to is they want to harm other people….something not tolerated outside their vicious inverse gated communities.

All over the US, there are these communities, large and small. You can actually see them quite clearly on the demographic race map based on the last census. In most of them, crime is not particularly high….because police don’t arrest criminals and no one calls the police anyway.



3 thoughts on “Why Don’t They Leave?

  1. “…because police don’t arrest criminals and no one calls the police anyway.”

    Not because crime is not taking place.

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