Fight Over The Battle Flag Has Been Lost, Bonnie Blue Flag Is Next

Well, the fight over the Battle Flag has been lost, even the League of the South has “removed” the flag from it’s public demonstrations,

Do not bring flags or signs – we will provide these.”

The flag they are providing is their new “Southern activist flag”


Kanye West is now the only one to fly the Battle Flag


Now, with so little else left to be offended by, the Rainbow/Push Coalition is after a man’s Bonnie Blue flag. Some local black guy saw the flag flying over a business and did some research at which time he became offended. The owner of the flag says he’ll take it down if people are offended and I say, might as well.

We are losing the culture war by not fighting.





20 thoughts on “Fight Over The Battle Flag Has Been Lost, Bonnie Blue Flag Is Next

  1. The regime is steady working on destroying the last vestige of culture in this country. Whatever people may think of this flag it will always be a part of us, banning it WILL NOT change that. For years we have had people attempting to re-write our history, it has been an almost overwhelming effort. The best we can do for now is teach our children and grandchildren the TRUTH.

    Mine will continue to fly (as long as I am breathing) on MY property along with the Stars & Stripes & the US Army flag.

    Thanks rogerunited!

  2. We will never forget. They can all go to hell, but we will never forget. That flag will, yet again, fly over this country. Just wait. I only hope that it will never be reduced to the level of representing nothing more than racism. But the ‘freedom & liberty’ it was meant to represent.

  3. I take offense to them painting the Stars and Bars as a racist icon, they know that is BS! I have copies of ancestors that fought in that war and none of them owned slaves. The Southerners did not fight to retain slavery, they fought simply for States Rights. This is well documented for those with the intelligence and motivation to do their own research. Those that propagate this myth fall into the categories of liars or a government educated ignoramus.

    So we are back to them re-writing history in an attempt to validate their socialist agenda.

  4. It won’t ever be forgotten. That flag might, yet again, fly over this country. Just wait. I only hope that it will never be reduced to the level of representing racism. But the ‘freedom & liberty’ of the like-minded people it was created to represent. It’s not dead. No matter what the sensitive, the brainwashed, the progressive, and the Communist would like to believe. You may have just inspired me to go buy one!

  5. About 2002 or ’03 when Mary and I were living in Georgia, the legislature changed their flag because so many people were complaining about it incorporating the Stars & Bars. Georgia was afraid of the “racist” label and gave in by changing it, demonstrating the power of a minority of socialists over an entire state population and it’s history. The old flag of Georgia had been in use almost half a century

  6. We have allowed people,of all colors to turn this historical icon into a racist statement! By standing by,and saying nothing to the racial idiots that have abused these colors,for 1 reason or the other. It is time the decent people of this country put a stop to this! Pray for the people of this country to gain some intelligence. That they may realize that if history is forgotten,It will Damn surely repeat itself.

    • Yep, Mark that’s hitting the proverbial nail on the head. I think the League of the South should disband and go home since they appear to be willing to simply roll over to the demands of anyone.

      They are a NO GO.

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