Soffitrat On Bugging Out And Civic Involvement

Squirrel’s Nest

I don’t believe in luck.  Do you?

We are in the process, every day, of getting the government we don’t deserve.  While I understand that many of you are living in big cities and are impotent to change the local scene.  Get out now!  Get to a small town and get involved.  Do it now, or suffer the consequences.  Make the drive.  Get a new job.  Do whatever it takes, but do it now.  That drive won’t last for too much longer anyway.

I’ve written about locals.  About being an ‘outsider’.  Just try bugging out.  You may think they’ll take you in or barter with you.  Why would they? (Barter with you.  Feed you.  Take you in.  Need you.  Accept your bullshit.)   We ain’t talkin Doomsday Preppers here.  Those poor ole ‘Country (small town) people’ are anything but stupid.  Good luck. Take an army with you.  Good luck.  Build walls or threaten them.  Good luck.


The real reason behind all of this is the sentence, “For the people”.  Everything must always be, for the people.  First and only.  Our water and sewer rates are lower than any town around, and our trash pickups are half of the surrounding areas.  Our property tax rate is .30 per $100.00 of value.   What is yours?  Do you even know? 

We got here in time to make huge improvements to the old infrastructure.  It’s taken us seven years to prepare.  To improve every water line.  To clear the trees from our entire electrical (and comms) lines.  To refurbish the water storage tanks inside and out.  To rebuild streets and the waste water treatment plant.  To secure added fuel and refrigeration storage facilities.  To secure outside water sources and plan treatment options.  To attract a major farming operation (refugees from Northern California).  To establish relationships with surrounding towns.  To build up the cash to pay market rates for what might have to be commandeered from vendors.  We have an already operational medical clinic.  We purchased enough land from the Union Pacific to hold weekly swap meets (barter days) for two or three thousand people.  And much, much more.  We have our warehousing and fabrication shops.  We have our defenses in place or planned.  We even can operate our own temporary banking system, if need be!

That government we don’t deserve?  It’s going to get worse.  We will most likely have to take matters into our own hands soon enough to correct that.  But it’s also been said that we get the government we do deserve.  I believe, in many ways, that we do. 

Get there.  Get involved.  We had years of neglect to overcome.  Pick a town that already has potential, but not so big that you can’t make an immediate impact.  Get your local government under control now.  That is the one government you can’t deny.  The one you need, and the one you can’t escape.  The one thing you (and your family) won’t be able to live without.  Good luck trying to live alone in the woods.  Good luck just showing up for dinner.  Scared, unsure, desperate.  Good luck.

Most importantly, get there now!  If you’re already there, get involved.  If you don’t…  you will have a war on two fronts.


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