Dr Michael Hill Organic Nationalism

Occidental Dissent

Since the 18th century Enlightenment, the West has made an idol of liberal democracy. It has in effect become the political default position of most Westerners, including most Americans. We accept it as “right” without critical examination. In fact, I don’t think it incorrect to say that liberal democracy has become our civic religion. From it has sprung most of the cultural, social, and political issues that plague the West today: multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity; floodtide Third World immigration; moral relativism; the feminist and homosexual agendas; the anti-Christian movement; the decline of the Church; public education; gross materialism; the “racism” industry; and a hatred and distrust of the Western canon and tradition in general.

In American politics, voting majorities marshaled every two or four years have become our gods. They dictate to us how we shall live and die. Most say they wouldn’t have it any other way; that would be un-American. To be patriotic, they say, we must live with the results of majority rule, whether a general election, a Supreme Court ruling, or a Congressional vote. They will allow that we can grouse and complain about it as long as we know ourselves bound by it. Otherwise, how could we claim to be “good Americans”?

But a verdict is not sacrosanct just because it was reached through the democratic process.

8 thoughts on “Dr Michael Hill Organic Nationalism

  1. This is so true. Especially, when the ‘democratic process’ is ruled by unintelligent, uneducated buffoons. It raises the question ‘how much longer will the educated, well informed, minority continue to remain peaceful’?

  2. Dr. Hill is right about the problems of majorities today, though that isn’t the whole picture. The courts frequently defy the majority of the people to push the progressive agenda, and so does the Congress. The real culprits are the elites who have corrupted and who continue to manipulate the entire system.

    Southern organic nationalism might end up being necessary, but probably won’t really appear until things have already fallen apart. There may be hope from the fragmented parts of the current USA.

    And I’m not sure that things are quite as hopeless as Dr. Hill suggests.

    • I agree with your point about things falling apart before any organic nationalism appears. As for things not being as bad as the doctor suggests, I don’t know. I think the country will have to at least decentralise to function for too much longer. The parts are too disparate to form a whole.

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