South African Genocide

When the nicest thing you can say about a country is, “at least its not Zimbabwe,”  you know its bad.

This is from 2012:

Pat Dollared

“Genocide Watch had raised South Africa to level 6 [there are 8 levels -Roger] when Malema was singing Kill the Boer song’. And now SA president Jacob Zuma is also singing it.”

He said at the start of his press conference that he had tried to get interviews with ANC-leaders specifically to discuss the hatespeech issue surround the Kill the Boer song. He was refused access. “I would have dearly loved to have spoken to them’; he said at the well-attended press conference at the Transvaal Agricultural Union’s headquarters in Silverton, Pretoria.

“We at Genocide Watch have enough suspicion that there may be an organised effort at a genocide in South Africa, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely’.

“Desecration of bodies in SA also happened in Rwanda and Burundi”, he said — adding that he would be meeting the US Minister of Council today to inform them of the situation in South Africa”. He had spoken to many Afrikaners from all walks of life and is returning with hitherto-unknown details about atrocities.

“You only need a small group to carry out a full-blown genocide. When I talked about the 8 stages of genocide, some of the early stages are precursors to genocide’.

“The SA farm murders should become ‘a priority crime’ for the South African government, and that they had to try their very best to try and stop them.

Many of the Afrikaners present also asked him exactly what genocide entailed. He explained that for instance, ‘if the government took away your children and prevented you from speaking Afrikaans to them, it is a genocide act. “And driving people out of their territory is also another form of genocide.’ Also: “Killing members of a group, even 3,000, could constitute a genocide.’

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Adriana Stuijt comments:

Thanks for publishing the pictures which South Africans are not allowed to see. The murdered man in the bathtub on the first picture is named John Cross. He was a farmer who was tortured for hours by his black-racist murderers pouring boiling water down his throat before they finally ended his agony by blowing his skull away. The lady on the floor was his wife. Their daughter Lita Cross Fourie went to visit the murderers in prison after they were sentenced to try and find out why they tortured her parents. They had actually invited her to come and talk to them. When she arrived they laughed at her – and then lodged a formal charge of ‘harassment’ against her… The South African government says these are all ‘just ordinary robberies’. They aren’t even investigating these as hate-crimes which they so clearly are. http://censorbugbear-reports.b…


3 thoughts on “South African Genocide

  1. The Afrikaner people have faced strife before and overcame it. They carved nations for themselves out of the savage wilderness during the Great Treks. During the Second Boer War life must have seemed pretty hopeless as they died in English concentration camps. Now they face perhaps their greatest threat yet.

    But they are showing encouraging signs of ethnic solidarity that might well carry them through the present age of white immolation.

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