Mandela’s Legacy

Apparently, I’ve decided to pile on Mandela today.

Paul Kersey on the state of the SA military:

The SA Navy is crippled by a lack of qualified personnel:
The South African Navy is being crippled by a lack of qualified personnel, which means that only half its frigates and one of its three submarines can be manned at any one time.

The source added that the Navy was trying so hard to meet its empowerment quotas that black personnel were being put in most top positions even though the majority are insufficiently trained.
Some of the South African National Defence Force’s other problems that were identified included a sense of entitlement and self-enrichment amongst members, bloated personnel costs and the SANDF being forced to take orders from a political party rather than the government

New Republic tries to say something nice, fails:

It’s eerie to read this passage, because it’s exactly the kind of behavior for which critics excoriate the contemporary South African government: refusing to tackle corruption and attacking party members who criticize others in public as disloyal. Maybe there is something of Mandela in this current crop of leaders.

Alexander Hart reminds ud that conservatives were against Mandela before they wee for him:

  • “Let’s not forget that Mandela called Castro’s Communist revolution ‘a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people,’”
  • “Mandela was a communist trained by the KGB who sings racial hate songs…and now, the South Africa is a worst country for both whites and blacks,”
  • “Ted, long before you were born, his reputation was the complete opposite. He was, in fact, a terrorist and a criminal, he persecuted and killed Zulus. All the apartheid BS you hear in today’s media is all lies.”

I think I’m done with the Mandela thing, except to point out that Winnie is just as bad:

winnie mandela murdurous witch

What is she referring to? Somebody is beaten, then a tire filled with gas is placed around their neck and they’re set on fire.

The result

The result



7 thoughts on “Mandela’s Legacy

  1. I’m not a fan of Mandela by any means, but he was only advancing the cause of his people and ultimately he won. I can’t blame a stray dog for shitting in the house, but I do blame whomever brought the beast inside.

    F.W. de Klerk and his allies all deserve the greatest contempt for selling out their people and bowing down to international and business interests.

  2. And Tyrants greeted today. Like long time, lost, buddies. (this will soon be the discussion-of-the-day) Will the day soon come when people are proclaiming the death of the American version?

      • Oh, we’ve had Homeland Security in from time to time. Emergency preparedness is a federal gov’t function now. They just move in and the State does little to stop them. The State, like so many others (primarily Democrat voters), just look at it as free money. Opportunities and perks (like free updated comms equipment) are dangled. Haven’t seen them in a while now, but they don’t usually let us know when they are coming. I’ll try to do better.

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