A Theory Of Civilisation

This bloke, Philip Atkinson, has spent his retirement working out a model of civilisational decay. I don’t agree entirely, but its interesting and different from the usual political/economic views of society. I am also interested in hearing opinions.

Here’s a short and intentionally inflammatory snippet:

A Civilization is a dominant community that imposes its beliefs upon all other communities by violence, which must involve the use of genocide; so any community that recoils from inflicting genocide will suffer genocide.

A Community is a shared understanding; a creature that has a life-cycle like any other as it first waxes to a prime before waning into senility then dissolution.


5 thoughts on “A Theory Of Civilisation

  1. The organization of Atkinson’s site is atrocious, but he’s got some interesting ideas. But sometimes his writings give me the impression that they are the ramblings of an anti-social comic book villain, especially when he ties his views to his personal experiences.

    I didn’t read the whole thing, but I like his ideas about selfish and un-selfish people and how this affects the natural life-cycle of a civilization.

    All communities have a life-cycle: they rise to a prime — a golden age — then decline into senility. This is because the mechanism the community uses to recreate itself — imbuing its children with tradition — is not perfect; it does not only create unselfish citizens who revere the beliefs of their parents, but also a few selfish citizens who do not revere the beliefs of their parents. Over time, as every selfish citizen must fail to continue the tradition of the community, the community must gain an increasing number of citizens who are selfish and lacking tradition. When the number of selfish citizens becomes the majority then the community stops waxing and starts waning.

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