The Empty Shrine

Found here.

“The public shrine has been emptied of any one particular God or creed, so that the government can never claim divine sanction and each person may be free to worship as she sees fit… There is no single visible idol, no golden calf, to make the idolatry obvious… officially the shrine remains empty… The empty shrine, however, threatens to make a deity not out of God but out of our freedom to worship God. Our freedom comes to occupy the empty shrine. Worship becomes worship of our collective self, and civil religion tends to marginalize the worship of the true God. Our freedom, finally, becomes the one thing we will die and kill for.”

-William Cavanaugh

“By prescinding from the particularity of religious truth in the organization of the American body politic, the American Founders enshrined a theology, a religion. The implied theology of its First Commandment, the First Amendment, is that nature is separable from grace, temporal matters from the spiritual, reason from faith, freedom from truth, the state from the Church.”

-Thaddeus Kozinski


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