The Conquest Continues

So, thanks to Vox Day, I read that Minneapolis has elected a Somali immigrant to the city council and, possibly, a Hmong and some flavor of hispanic. The Somali was elected by the large Somali demographic in his ward and beat the encumbent with 64% of the vote. Just to drive the point home, the encumbent is an Ojibwe, that is, an actual Native American.

“I’m an American who happens to be Somali. … This is my base and I’m proud of that,” Warsame said during the celebration at the Mixed Blood Theatre. Yet, he’s only lived in the country for 7 years.

I mentioned this to my very liberal wife and she asked, “is he a citizen?”, to which I replied, “yes, presumably” “then what does it matter?”

Good question. If citizenship is all that defines an American, and everybody in the world is eligible for citizenship (excepting, of course, German home schoolers), then what is citizenship worth? Do we need to mandate citizenship to vote or hold office? Why can’t Somalis vote from Somalia and save us the expense of supporting them with our taxes?




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