Controversial Billboard In Arkansas


HARRISON, AR — A new controversial billboard put up Tuesday in northern Arkansas is sparking a nationwide controversy.

The billboard went up a few days ago along bypass 62-65 in Harrison.

It reads “Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White.”

It has caused local outrage, with some calling it racist.

Pictures of the billboard are spreading online, and people are coming to Harrison to see it themselves.

Residents say their town has come a long way from the image of white supremacy, and people say this billboard reminds them of an unpleasant time in their history.

“It goes against everything that the Diversity Council, Harrison High School have taught the young that are growing up here in Harrison, and I wish they’d just take it down,” Dena McGlynn said.

Others don’t have a problem with it at all.

“As a white American male, if you say anything about anything else, then you’re automatically a racist,” Josh Rosenberg said.

The man behind the billboard, who remains anonymous, says it’s a political statement.

He signed a year contract with Harrison Signs to keep the billboard up.

The owner of Harrison Signs says ESPN Radio took down its billboard once this one was put up.

Story here with video


2 thoughts on “Controversial Billboard In Arkansas

  1. I’m in the business and believe that it’s a 1st amendment issue. Of course, ESPN doesn’t think so. Unless it’s their Ox getting gored. Then they will scream bloody murder that they have a right. To say something like blacks, in sports, are discriminated against, by all white males. Funny, how people think, and even funnier how they behave.

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