Apologising to Rapists And Murderers

Via Sharia Unveiled

Fox News

“A Texas judge is facing accusations that he put a 15-year-old girl in harm’s way by forcing her to live with a rapist. The girl told Judge Terry Flenniken that she was abused by a convicted sex offender, who was also the boyfriend of her legal guardian.”

I heard about this and thought it was a stupid thing, but the next part really angered me:

“Months later, the girl was raped and witnessed the murder of the woman who was her guardian. In a school assignment on the worst thing that has ever happened, the girl wrote about the horrific events.

The teacher and two school administrators made her change the story and apologize to the sex offender/murderer. Those three school officials have now been indicted.”

Apologise to her rapist? really? And this Texas!


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