Velocity Made Good

The America’s Cup comes down to a final race tomorrow. New Zealand was 8 to 1, but Oracle Team USA (with a largely Kiwi crew) has come back winning 7 straight races. Tomorrow at 4:00 it will be settled in a single, winner take all race.

Maybe I’m cynical, but I can’t help but wonder if the whole thing is rigged. New Zealand won 8 of the first 11 races and then lost 7 in a row. That come back seems unlikely and Larry Ellison has a looooot of money.



2 thoughts on “Velocity Made Good

  1. Except that the New Zealand team’s main sponsor is Emirates which is owned by the government of Dubai. They also have a whole lot of money and the power of the government.

    • I’m not saying that USA will win. Consider this, California is broke and the America’s Cup is kind of a niche sport. Tourists are staying in San Fran and the bay is prominently featured every day on NBC sports. Drama builds viewership (ask NASCAR and Pro wrestling!) and a big come from behind is great story. Drawing it out is good for San Francisco, all the sponsors and the sport itself. Whoever wins, I’ll assume they were holding back.

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