Convention Of States

Via a comment at Free NC 

Citizens for Self Government, a small government activist group, has launched the Convention of States Project to call for a convention under Article V of the US Constitution. The goal is to convene a convention to amend the Constitution in such a way as to curb federal over reach.  It looks like an interesting project, I’m adding both sites to my non-NC links.


4 thoughts on “Convention Of States

  1. We must be careful about calling a constitutional convention. The states did so under the Articles of Confederation with the intent to modify them. Instead they got a completely different constitution than they intended, with much greater powers for the federal government. Nowadays the federal government would more likely gain power than lose it in a convention of all 50 states.

  2. It only takes 13 states. If it did goes poorly for the states, then all was already lost and we just did not know it. Either way I would rather know now!

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