MVP For Both Sides

He was the single most influential player in the game.

1 goal and three assists is usually a pretty good game, but maybe not for Swansea’s Jonjo Shelvey, since 2 of those assists were for the other team.

Barclay’s Premier League is the top tier in English soccer, for those who don’t know, and Shelvey is a multimillion dollar player.

Swansea vs Arsenal

At just one and a half minutes in, Shelvey scores a great goal, almost exactly a minute and a half later, he commits a stupid error that leads directly to an Arsenal equaliser.

Swansea 1 Arsenal 1

Towards the end of the first half, he makes a very poor pass which is intersected by Arsenal’s Victor Moses who goes down field to score.

Swansea 1 Arsenal 2

In the second half, Shelvey partially redeemed himself by setting up Michu to tie the score. Along the way Shelvey also received a yellow card.

Swansea 2 Arsenal 2 final





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