Sailboats That Go Faster Than The Wind

I just cought the end of an America’s Cup race. The boats crossed the line at 40 knots! Apparently, they go FASTER THAN THE WIND! How can a boat go faster than the wind?

They use adjustable keels that function as st of a “water sail”. So, in the same way you set a sail for the wind to push you, you can set one of these keels to do the same with the current, or that’s how I understand it.

UPDATE: I just watched the second race and I want to point out that they’re not just going a little faster than the wind, they’re going twice as fast!. A 2knot current and windspeed of around 20knots and the boats are going up to 40 knots.


Fast, High Tech, Ugly


She may be “slow”, but she’s very pretty.





Schooner America, the namesake of the cup.

Schooner America, the namesake of the cup.


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