ACLU VS Randleman High School Round 2

A few days ago I posted this article about Randlemn HS receiving a warning from the ACLU about praying before football games. They did it anyway. Well, the ACLU has come back and, while nobody was fired, the prayer didn’t happen last Friday. At least not over the PA.

My Fox 8

RANDLEMAN, N.C. — Normally, Randleman High School starts its football games with the announcer saying a short prayer.

But on Friday, the announcer followed a request by the ACLU and simply asked for a moment of silence instead.

But the stadium wasn’t silent – several audience members stood up and recited the Lord’s Prayer from the stands.

Many held signs showing support for prayer announcements. The community also started a Facebook page called Randleman Prays, with more than 3,000 likes.

“We are a community that the spirit is alive in,” said Ashley Parson, a Randleman High School parent.

For the past 20 years, announcer Tommy McDonald said a prayer – asking the Lord to watch over the players and for the fans to make it home safe.

The less-than-20-second prayer caused the ACLU to send a two page letter to the school saying the prayers had to stop.

The ACLU believes announcing prayers at public high school football games is unconstitutional and excludes members of the Randleman High School community.

Read the rest, there’s a video, but I can’t get it to embed. Anybody know how?


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