I’m Not The First Idiot

So, I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I absent mindedly grab my toothbrush and put some toothepaste on it from the small tube  on the counter. I thought it was odd that we were using a small tube instead of the regular size, but my wife had just cleaned the bathroom, maybe she found it and wanted to use it up.

I noticed the toothepaste didn’t foam much, but mostly it just tasted bad. I thought, I don’t like this brand, and reached for the tube to see what it was. Looking at the red and white tube, I thought, Cortisone, I don’t recognise that brand…Oh crap!

I washed my mouth out vigorously with water and mouthwash and hurried to the computer to consult google. I typed “brushed my teeth with” and the third auto fill was “I accidently brushed my teeth with cortisone cream”.

Apparently, I’m not the first idiot to do that.




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