Sharia Unveiled Has Been Suspended By WordPress For Violation of Terms

UPDATE BELOW has been suspended by wordpress for violation of terms. I assume that means somebody complained to wordpress, but I don’t know. Their facebook page is here and twitter here, no statement, yet.

15 August, from Sharia Unveiled facebook page:

As I am sure many of you have already discovered, shut down our website today. (14August2013) for “allegedly” violating their terms of service. What that means is.. “the truth” is harmful to their health.

We have submitted a request to asking the reason for the violation and that our site be “re-instated.” Since this is the first time this has ever occurred.. and we have been with wordpress for almost 2 years without even a single complaint, I am not sure what the outcome will be with that. If our current site is not reinstated.. we will set up a new site.

Regardless.. we will be back! There is a lot more work to do.. and we haven’t even got started yet. So, please stay tuned.. s/m @ sharia unveiled



3 thoughts on “Sharia Unveiled Has Been Suspended By WordPress For Violation of Terms

  1. I have been blocked in Aus. Talking about Manning, comparing him to ever since Nuremberg,”following orders” is not a defence & people should have a moral conscience & report attrocities. To the world he is a hero, to US & allies, he is a treasonous spy.
    Collateral damage video exposed warcrimes, but the crime to US is exposing the TRUTH about military affairs. Snowden >NSA spying!

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