Unconscious Supposition

Fred Reed‘s latest post falls into a common fallacy I see all over the internet.

“But multiculturalism is, or should be, a street of two directions. If I don´t want to impose my values on other cultures, neither do I want them to impose their values on me and mine. And that is exactly what the federal government is trying to do. It istrying to destroy my culture by melding it with others. This Is not multiculturalism.” [emphasis mine]

The federal government doesn’t do anything of its own will, it is a tool. The people who run the fed gov decide what it will do. The various groups that make up American society are constantly battling for influence over the fed gov, we call this the culture war. This culture war permeates every aspect of society from music to movies to education to fashion. The fed gov is the high ground that all groups would like to control.

I have read Fred On Everything long enough to know that Fred Reed knows this and is using “the federal government” as shorthand, but it does show our thinking vs original American thinking.

The focus on the fed gov as the holy grail of political power is, I think, antithetical to the original intent of the Founders. Originally, under the Article of Confederation, the States maintained supremecy, and actually ran the fed gov, no electing federal delegates, they were appointed by the States. Under the Constitution, the States still retained there sovereignity, in theory, under a much enlarged central government. Lincoln pretty much ended the whole State sovereignty thing. Today, if I say, “the government”, you think federal, not State.  Our unconscious supposition is that the federal government is The Government and the States are subservient.

The original intent allowed for the several States to create systems of government and culture that fulfilled their people’s needs without imposing on other States. The problems that we see are caused by an inflated fed gov. If the fed gov hadn’t usurped power from the States, multiculturalism and PC nonsense wouldn’t be such a problem outside of certain States which actually wanted them, nor would there be federal support for groups such as the ACLU or the SPLC or any other special interest group.

When Lincoln called for troops to invade the South, Southerners like General Lee and Jefferson Davis who were generally for the union, resigned their federal posts and accepted posts with their States. They saw this as patriotism in defense of the Constitution and their sovereign states. There is no path to liberty, whether you’re an anarchist or a Constitutionalist, that doesn’t lead through State sovereignty. To devolve federal power requires an increase in the power of the States.



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