Million Muslim March Planned for 9/11/13

Via Free NC

Apparently, the American muslim Political Action Committee thinks muslim’s civil rights are not being respected and that 9/11 is the proper time to march for this “respect”. The facebook page is here.

Jan Morgan

As Muslims continue their murderous jihad against innocent people in America and around the world (lets see, the count is over 21 thousand Islamic deadly terror attacks since 911) they moan, groan, and demand respect from American citizens for their barbaric, violent, “religion” and its accompanying Sharia Law.

Disregarding and disrespecting the mass loss of life at the hands of their religion, Muslims choose 9/11, 2013 as the date to march one million strong to shove their important message down the throats of the American people..

I get the message… do you? Do I really need to spell it out for you?

Muslims across America who participate in the Million Muslim March will validate what so many of us have been proclaiming for years about Islam’s true intent for America…. Destruction.

Commentor Sarge says,
“I challenge the silent majority, may we have 1,000,000 standing to meet them on Pennsylvania Avenue, or whatever route they take. It should not just be “Hell’s Angels, Freedom Riders, and all other bike[r] clubs,” who are there, It should be every United States Citizen who believes in the Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, The Right to Assemble, Freedom of Speech.
Who believes this nation was founded by our forefathers on the principles of the Bible and should be governed by those principles. Who are willing to stand straight and tall as the “Minute Men,” of the American Revolution and say, “Don’t Tread on Me.”Citizens who believe, “This is my country! Land of my birth! This is my country! Grandest on earth! I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold, For this is my country to have and to hold,” and will shout it from every rooftop of America. Citizens who believe God is to be revered, women are to be respected, freedoms of speech, assembly, and the press are to be protected. Citizens who believe it is their right to stand against any aggressor against the United States of America and let their voice be heard. Citizens who believe in the right to succeed by toil, sweat, and tears. Citizens who believe they must
take a stand against tolerating the intolerant.”deadamericans


6 thoughts on “Million Muslim March Planned for 9/11/13

  1. Good let them march to DC. Maybe we will have a repeat of Libya where it should have happened last 9/11. Wonder if SEALs will be ordered to stand down then?
    Anybody up for helping me make an anti-sharia film to release just before the march?

  2. I wonder if that march will be full of fail like the “Million Man March” was. Besides, diversity is our strength, which I think is the 69th Amendment to the Constitution…Or maybe it was in the Declaration of Independence. Doesn’t matter. It is the law of the land these days.

  3. Israel lives by a constant reinforcement that it is persecuted and pilloried worldwide.The culture of “woe is me” extends to such outlandish statements as those expressed in post 88Perhaps if the JP was fair dinkum it would actually understand that most of the world is law abiding and has some forms of cityvili.Until israel has the maturity to self examine it will persist as the most PARANOIC nation on earth.

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