Who Runs The government?

The Republican Party and the Democratic Party are locked in mortal combat. Its been noted ad naseum that there isn’t a “dimes worth of difference” between the two, but voters still rally and vest enormous effort and emotion in their team’s efforts. Every now and then, a lonely blog commentor says they’ve given up voting or have decided to vote third party and ten other commenters jump on them saying they’re part of the problem while, in their very next comment, they admit that the GOP isn’t really any better than the DNC. So, why do they care so much about voting?

The central idea of our government is that the people are the power and that its un-American to abstain from voting. A second foundational idea is that we are voting for somebody who represents our interests in the government. If the GOP doesn’t represent your interests, why are you voting for them? Is it just in case they do what they said they would this time? Or is it habit?

There’s a quip attributed to Einstein about doing the same over and over being the definition of insanity. The more I read about politics, the more apt this quote seems. If voting over and over for Republicans isn’t working, stop doing it. The GOP is a 50 State party controlled by the Republican National Committee. That means that your oh-so-conservative candidate is under a lot pf pressure from the national leadership to toe the line, that your Republican’s views are tempered by the more liberal Republicans from the Northern  and the west coast blue States, if he wants support from the RNC. The farther up in government you go the more backing from the elites you need and the worse this situation gets.

The federal government has usurped most if not all of the sovereignity of the States over the last 150 years leaving them no direct voice in Congress. The federal government in turn is now run by two national committees who direct the interchangeable elected representatives.  In short, the government has been usurped from the voters to unelected bureaucrats, not in the various and sundry acronymical agencies, but in the two national committees. The parties are the government.

If you’re a conservative, a right winger, a patriot, a Tea Partier or whatever you call yourself, the GOP is your worst enemy. You will never control the GOP without controlling the committee and you will never control that committee unless you can outspend the institutional donors who bankroll it. You need to get the GOP out of your area of operation and replace it with a local organisation if you want accountable government.

We were warned by John Adams and George Washington about the dangers of a two party system, yet we are loathe to step outside of it. A third (or fourth, fifth, etc) party sinks power down to the electorat by forcing office seekers to compete for our affections, a free market government.

If the right broke itself up and the left didn’t it might seem to hand government to the DNC. Not so. The RNC “caves” on everything the DNC pushes for as it is, but with a less centralised right to oppose them, who would the Dems make back room deals with? There would be no “party line” from the right, no unified group to villify in the press, turning one representative would get them one vote. In other words, instead of one big target, they have to hit a bunch of smaller ones.

The real power of breaking the two party system comes at the State level. A “rogue” State could undermine everything the federal government pushes, can you say “nullification” or “secession”? I hope so, because if you can’t say no and you can’t leave, then you are a hostage. A party under local, grass roots control can be pushed to go where national parties fear to tread even to defying SCOTUS. That’s real power.

It will take  a lot of guts to break the two party system, but the reward is accountable government and liberty.

I just read that the Senate has passed the immigration bill 68-32 with 14 republicans voting for it.

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